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Should You Get a Massage When You Are Sick? NO!

Tis the Season, the Cold and Flu Season

Should you get a massage when you are sick, NO absolutely NOT, for oh so many reasons…

Risk of spreading the illness to others

Many people who are seeking massage treatments often have other health concerns. When you come  into the treatment area please be aware that some of the clients have autoimmune conditions and cannot easily fight off infections or illnesses, some are elderly, others are recovering from cancer treatments or other serious medical conditions. Please keep this in mind.

Risk of getting your therapist sick

Your massage therapist will be stuck in a room in close proximity to you, your sneezing and coughing will disperse germs into the massage room, the bedding your therapist will be changing, and the massage equipment.

Your therapist will then be exposing all of the other clients to the illness.

Risk of making yourself feel worse

Your body is already busy trying to recover from the illness, you need rest and fluids. A massage may feel comforting but it may actually increase some of your symptoms by overstimulating your autonomic nervous system.

This has been a tough cold and flu season

You can help prevent the spread of illness by limiting the exposure to others around you. Please do not hesitate to reschedule your appointment if you believe that you may be sick.

Get well soon!


Yours in Health and Wellness,

Kristeen Smart AKA Kristeen Kish
CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 1/11/2016


Which Countries Are Affected By Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking affects every country of the world, as countries of origin, transit or destination – or even a combination of all. Trafficking often occurs from less developed countries to more developed countries, where people are rendered vulnerable to trafficking by virtue of poverty, conflict or other conditions. Most trafficking is national or regional, but there are also notable cases of logn-distance trafficking. Europe is the destination for victims from the widest range of destinations, while victims from Asia are trafficked to the widest range of destinations. The Americas are prominent both as the origin and destination of victims of human trafficking.

Who Are The Victims And Culprits Of Human Trafficking?

Victims of trafficking can be any age, and any gender. However, a disproportionate number of women are involved in human trafficking both as victims and as culprits. Female offenders have a prominent role in human trafficking, particularly where former victims become perpetrators as a means of escaping their own victimisation. Most trafficking is carried out by people whose nationality is the same as that of their victim.

What Types Of Industries Are Involved With Human Trafficking?

Most trafficked forced labour affects people working at the margins of the formal economy, with irregular employment or migration status. The sectors most frequently documented are agriculture or horticulture, construction, garments and textiles under sweatshop conditions, catering and restaurants, domestic work, entertainment and the sex industry.

Human trafficking also affects other quite mainstream economic sectors, including food processing, health care and contract cleaning, mainly in private but also in public sector employment, such as the provision of healthcare services.


Report Trafficking

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911.

If you believe you have information about a potential trafficking situation:

Call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) toll-free hotline at 1-888-373-7888: Call Specialists are available 24/7 to take reports of potential human trafficking. All reports are confidential and you may remain anonymous. Interpreters are available.

Submit a tip online through the anonymous online reporting form below. For immediate assistance or to speak directly with an NHTRC Call Specialist, please contact us 24/7 at 1-888-373-7888.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
Kristeen Smart AKA Kristeen Kish
CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist

Massage Parlors and Human Trafficking Part Two

In America we tend to think of sex trafficking and human trafficking as being something that happens in other countries. Slavery and sex trafficking are not simply something that happens in some other country, it is happening right here in our Nation.

In my previous post I showed you one story of human trafficking from Ohio, the following three links with quotes come from California, Texas, and Utah followed by a link from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.


Overwhelmingly based on our investigations in Huntington Beach and throughout Orange County and Southern California, the women involved in most of these massage parlors are trafficked in,” said the Chief, who explained that many were forced to work six days a week at the coercion of pimps and panderers.


Authorities recently arrested four Houston men and charged them with human trafficking crimes for allegedly flying in women from China to live and work in massage parlors where customers were offered sexual services.

Anti-trafficking advocates who work in the city say its proximity to the Mexican border and position on an interstate corridor has contributed to the profusion of sex-focused businesses. According to Micah Bailey, director of operations at the advocacy group Elijah Rising, the city’s sex workers are a mix of young American women and men who have run away from home and fallen in with pimps, Hispanic women who have crossed the border, and Asian women who have been brought to the country through fraudulent employment services.


Authorities believe the women who work in the parlors are being forced into the sex trade, working to pay off debts after being brought into the United States. Police brought a Chinese translator with them as the women who were questioned spoke little English.

“It is absolutely slavery,” Reyes said. “It is horrible. It’s horrific and perhaps the most concerning thing about it is people don’t realize it’s going on in our state.”

“These victims are going to get a chance to get the resources they need, go home — if home is a safe environment — get counseling because it’s going to take years for them to heal from the horror they’ve been living for who knows how long,” Reyes told FOX 13.


Who are the victims?

The victims are most often Asian women, of diverse ethnicities and nationalities, including Korean, Thai, Chinese, and ethnically Korean-Chinese citizens. These women may have come to the United States on valid visas, fraudulent visas, or may be undocumented or have been smuggled into the United States. Most victims of sex trafficking in fake massage businesses are adult females. One fake massage business may involve one or two victims or several victims.

When does it become trafficking?

Employers at fake massage businesses use force, fraud, or coercion to exploit women in commercial sex acts. Common means of control used in these types of brothels also include:

Force: Isolation and confinement to the brothel; regular and frequent transportation to other locations or other cities by drivers working for the trafficking network; physical or sexual abuse.

Fraud: False promises of a better life; misrepresentation of the work, working conditions, and immigration benefits of the job; visa fraud.

Coercion: Heavy debts, increased through exorbitant fees for food, personal items, transportation, and “security”; restrictions on communication to family or others outside the network; threats of deportation and arrest; confiscation of passports and visas; rumors of or witnessed violence at the hands of traffickers or police used as threats.

* An individual under the age of 18 engaged in commercial sex is considered a victim of sex trafficking regardless of the presence of force, fraud or coercion. 

Please help by letting others know that massage parlors and “happy endings” are not a laughing matter and that people who make use of such establishments may be contributing to the crime of human trafficking.

If you suspect that a massage parlor in your area is engaging in such practices please do not hesitate to contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at the above link or by phone 1-888-373-7888
Yours in Health and Wellness,
Kristeen Smart AKA Kristeen Kish
CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist

Massage Parlors and Human Trafficking

We have all seen news stories from various locations about massage parlors and prostitution but very few people are aware of the serious problem of human trafficking that is occurring at such places.

This is a subject that I am very passionate about, not only because such places give the massage industry a bad name but also because of the often overlooked topic of human trafficking and sex trafficking.

We need more public awareness to the fact that women are being exploited, abused, kept as indentured servants, forced to work countless hours, and perform sexual services. Many of these women do not speak English, many fear going to the police, fear for their lives and the lives of their family members.

In this article from Ohio just last year one such human trafficking ring was exposed: http://www.thisweeknews.com/content/stories/worthington/news/2015/01/20/massage-parlors-raid-third-human-trafficking-suspect-surrenders.html

Some quotes from that article:

The Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force announced Wednesday, Jan. 14, that authorities had arrested two people after an investigation into suspected human trafficking.

“We have strong evidence that, at the Powell location, they were sleeping on massage parlor (tables),” Vest said.

He said authorities were attempting to build a rapport with the seven women. He said their countries of origin have not been confirmed.

“Many of them don’t speak English or (speak) very limited English,” he said. “Through the help of our federal partners, we brought in language specialists from literally around the United States.”

The Salvation Army of Central Ohio has offered to help the seven women procure housing and other needs in the aftermath of the investigation.

Vest said the investigation was started after his department received a tip that workers at the Powell massage parlor were sleeping there and engaging in prostitution.

This only one of the many reasons why I caution people to get their massages from reputable, certified, and state regulated massage therapists.

The dark side of the massage industry is that many places just like that massage parlor in Ohio are engaged in the crime of human trafficking as well as other crimes.

Such places are often involved in other illegal activities such as money laundering and drug dealing.

I was pleased to see that the Ohio police treated these women not as prostitutes or sex workers but as victims of a crime themselves, because they are victims and in need of help.

All too often we simply see a headline that reads:

“Massage Parlor workers arrested for prostitution”

And never give much thought to the fact that the owner or owners of the establishment may be exploiting these women. This is a common problem I see too often in the news, the women are arrested but the massage parlor remains in operation to continue its illegal activities.

Please be aware that women all across this country are being victimized every single day while this ongoing problem is quietly ignored by the media.

Please be a part of the solution by helping to bring about awareness of this nationwide problem, and if you suspect a massage parlor in your area of human trafficking do not hesitate to report it.

1 (888) 373-7888
National Human Trafficking Resource Center



Yours in Health and Wellness,
Kristeen Smart AKA Kristeen Kish
CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist