What is Bamboo Fusion

Bamboo Fusion is a technique created by Nathalie Cecilia and is spreading in popularity all over the country. Many spas are now adding warm bamboo massage to their list of services.


Many of Nathalie’s clients were asking for deep tissue treatment. She soon began to experience pain and fatigue in her hands and wrists. When she started using bamboo to assist her with deep tissue work, she noticed that her pain subsided and her clients loved it. She developed an innovative way to give bamboo massage on the table (Bamboo-Fusion) and in the chair, meanwhile creating her own bamboo set to give the massage.

Her goal today is to help therapists provide deep massage without pain. This technique aids in avoiding repetitive injuries, such as carpal tunnel, and reduces the stress on thumbs, wrists and hands.

You can find many wonderful videos about Bamboo Fusion on their youtube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWOYGAXkHMhUSn65MOztQAA

The technique involves bamboo of different lengths gently heated in a non moist heating pad to provide a massage that is soothing as well as therapeutic and can be used with either gentle or deep tissue applications as desired.

Nathalie Cecilia was inducted into the World Massage Festival Hall of Fame in 2009 and Teacher of the Year in 2013, where I had the pleasure of meeting and receiving my Bamboo Fusion training and certification directly from her at the World Massage Festival on the Queen Mary in 2013.

Nathalie Cecilia demonstrating on me. World Massage Festival 2013.
Nathalie Cecilia demonstrating on me. World Massage Festival 2013.

What I love best about the technique is not only the ability to go deeper as needed with less strain on my hands and wrists but also the portability and ease of cleaning. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, that alone is a plus, but cleaning the bamboo tools is as simple as using an antibacterial hand and face towelette.

Because the tools are light weight and easily heated in a heating pad it makes it very portable to use for out call services and the bamboo does not take long to heat.

There are other similar bamboo sets on the market today but the ones created and used in Bamboo Fusion are pressed solid with no hole in the center which helps them to prevent splitting and cracking which is common with regular bamboo.

There are several sets available, the ones made for chair work have a finish on them that allows for an easier glide when working through clothing while the set created for table work does not as your own massage oil is all that is needed for that glide. There is also a set of smaller tools for use in facial massages.

You can find tools and instructional videos on the Bamboo Fusion website posted above as well as many popular massage supplies stores.

Warm Bamboo feels wonderful!
Warm Bamboo feels wonderful!
Yours in Health and Wellness,
Kristeen Smart AKA Kristeen Kish
CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist