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What is California Massage Therapy Certification?

The following images come from a CAMTC brochure that was offered to CAMTC certification holders for use with their advertising .

CAMTC established in 2009

The California Massage Therapy Council was established in 2009 to help regulate massage professionals and ensure professionalism and indicate that your therapist has met certain criteria for state massage certification.

CA Massage Law voluntary

In California the process of certification is still voluntary but many cities and counties are now requiring CAMTC certification to practice massage.

types of CAMTC certification

There are three types of Certification in California to accommodate the many massage therapists who had already been practicing in the field for many years prior to the establishment of the California Massage Therapy Council, at this time the CMP and CCMP are no longer being offered and those who have those levels of certification may continue to operate under those titles while they continue their education to meet the requirement of CMT.

beware of massage providers who do not

CAMTC certification holders are required to display their certification at their place of employment and to provide their  ID card when asked for it. They are also required to provide their certification number on their advertising.

CAMTC Certified Massage Therapists are also allowed to use and display the CAMTC logo on their advertising.

is your masage provider certified

CAMTC certification is your assurance that the massage therapist has been fully background checked, educated, and has met all requirements for certification in the state of California.

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